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OTR is a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive parts around the globe. Our products range from Steering & Suspension parts, Rubber parts and Brake pads. The company has rigorously worked hard to meet the quality standards. Our products pass through rigorous testing before going into our customer’s hand.

OTR have created benchmarks for quality, brought innovation to the market and forged a reputation for safety, quality and durability. By balancing the wisdom of experience with pioneering spirit, we are now able to offer an extraordinary range of products and services that’s globally recognised. We at OTR believe in manufacturing the high standard quality products through advanced engineering technology. All are products are 100% tested at our testing facility center and what we provide to our customers are “Zero Defect Supplies”.

OTR has state- of- the art facility equipped with the latest machinery and technology, which includes CNC, VMC, Forging press, Tool room, Standard room, Moulding machines, Assembly & Packaging. OTR has a team of experts which are committed to steer the company to new heights by serving their clients in the best possible ways and are always ready to embrace new technology in the industry. Our product range include more than 1000 parts developed for various steering, suspension, brakes and other applications under one roof.

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